Custom DC motor for maximum power density

New Brushed DC motor deisgn450px

New brushed DC motor design from maxon motor.

maxon motor Australia have configured a combination of brushed DC motor, planetary gearhead and digital incremental encoder with completely customised features for a prominent medical manufacturer and have produced it in 11 working days.

An interactive 3D model of the entire assembled combination showing all modifications and final production part numbers can now be generated within an hour of specification request along with data sheets showing the working points of the application. The new process eliminates large amounts of traditional internal procedures, with the robotic production line and parts procurement all linked together with the new design tool. The new motor pictured below shows a unique stepped planetary gearhead that uses a 26mm diameter on the high speed input stage and a 32mm on the high torque output stage. Focusing the wear and strength attributes by placing components specific to their role also increases the motors power density. In order to allow for the full use of shaft length that is tailored for the application, a new process of laser welding the inner race of the output bearing directly to the shaft material has been used over the traditional methods of c-clips and shaft collars. This is also naturally stronger than glue and press fit methods. The motor is capable of producing over 10,000rpm and the gearhead up to 12Nm with ratios to 1526:1. Zero cogging and linear characteristics combined with new encoder resolutions up to a staggering 65,536cpt open new position control possibilities for automation, tool and robotics applications.

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First ECX DC motor delivered in Australia.


The first of maxon motor’s new line of high speed brushless DC motors was delivered to an Australian university this week.

As an expansion of the new range of DC motors that are customised online using a special web tool, maxon motor have released a series of high speed brushless motors that can be configured on the same platform. The motor pictured is capable of 60,000rpm and 216W from a 22mm diameter and 60mm length. The quality of the construction can be clearly viewed, however it is on test that the design shows its capabilities with extremely low noise at very high speeds. Power density is also very high on the motor with the mass at only 140g. In many applications such as specialised hand tools, industrial robotics, electronics manufacturing and fluid control, high power densities are only achieved in the correct form factor with high speed brushless motors and controllers. The high speeds have traditionally made it difficult to get ‘useable’ levels because power transmission devices such as planetary gearheads have not been able to accept the high speeds at their input. This is why maxon engineers have developed a new gearhead with up to 50,000rpm possible at the input. The new designs now mean converting the high speeds into high torques is now possible in an even smaller package.

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