ROV Thruster.

maxon motor release New ROV thruster.

Capitalising on their experience developing high power density brushless DC motors, maxon motor have released a new ROV thruster range. Using maxon motors slimline 48V brushless DC motors the thruster can achieve 10kg continual bollard thrust from a diameter of only 30mm. The small diameter helps to reduce water disturbance over the thruster body to maximise efficiency. Two power levels, 120W and 180W are available from the oil filled 22mm motor and 22mm planetary gearhead and the complete thruster has a mass of only 750g. The propeller has a diameter of 70mm contained in a fluted shroud of 82mm. Pressure compensated the units have a depth rating of 6km and the housing comes standard with a Subconn MCBH8M connector. Beside the connector there are x2 4mm diameter fittings, one for oil filling and one for compensator connection. It is possible for maxon motor to modify the thruster assembly to customer specific requirements and there are also modified maxon control units available for use in water.

Along with thrusters, maxon motor also develop compensated underwater actuators and drives for subsea tool and robotic applications. Contact maxon motor Australia for further information Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.


The ROV thruster with brushless DC motor and planetary gearhead.



Pressure compensated subsea motor and gearhead.


Submersible Brushless DC motor and gearhead with compensator.