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The latest issue of the maxon motor magazine, driven, contains interviews, technological insights and the latest from maxon’s DC motor experts.

maxon motor’s first issue of 2017 looks at:

  • Electric motors and the role they play in our day to day life
  • Roboy! Where is he now?
  • Women in engineering: an interview with two maxon motor engineers
  • Examples of the latest applications containing maxon DC motors.

driven focuses on drive technology and is published twice per year in three languages. The print version is available free of charge at

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DC motor with right angle gear and planetary gear.

photo450pxDC motor with right angle gear and inline gear combined © 2016 maxon motor

A unique DC motor and gearhead combination developed for an Australian customer providing solutions for robotic rehabilitation.

When high power levels and tight space constraints are required, maxon motor tailor a solution. maxon motor Australia recently developed this motor and dual gearhead design for a robotic exoskeleton application for rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Gearing with the high efficiency level of over 98% on the right angle transfer has been achieved with the use of an sealed, oil filled helical bevel design. A custom adaptor section has then been specifically manufactured to affix a 52mm 113:1 ceramic planetary gearhead at the helical gearbox input. The use of ceramic components within the planetary gearhead increases the lifespan typically by three times compared to traditional steel planetary gearboxes. The 50mm diameter 48V 200W DC maxon motor also achieves the high efficiency of 94%. maxon motor are renowned for high efficiency DC motors but the careful design and selection of the drivetrain components in this gear motor system has set new benchmarks. A common 500cpt incremental encoder has been fitted to the motor back shaft and when combined with the gear ratio and maxon motor control software quad counting, gives a system positioning capability of 0.001 degree. Such a fine positioning capability is also only possible with the assistance of the patented maxon motor rhombic coreless winding that gives a completely smooth motion void of any mechanical detent or magnetic cogging.

For assistance with the design and supply of customised DC gear motor combinations contact maxon motor Australia Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.

DC motors for moving sculptures.


A German artist has created animal sculptures up to 2.5m long using maxon DC motors and recycled bike parts.

With the ability to walk and turn their mechanical heads from side-to-side the pack move slowly visiting festivals all over Europe. Three powerful maxon DC motors and gearheads make this possible.

The drives are incorporated into the sculpture seamlessly, so much so, that the DC motors are virtually unseen. There are a number of motor-gearhead combinations, all of them robust and small in size. The drives have maxon motors special ironless winding with 90% energy efficiency and powerful torque to drive the sculptures forward.

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Pictured below: maxon A-max 22 motor; RE40 motor and GP42C gearhead, as featured in the sculptures.

Amax22_450px     RE40_450px   maxon GP42 gearhead

High speed motors and controllers unveiled at Hannover Fair.


Set to create a new benchmark for DC motor speed and quality are the new brushless DC motors from maxon motor. 22mm 60,000rpm and 35mNm are the characteristics of one new drive that will be released alongside new high power gearheads in 12mm through to 32mm diameter. The motors set new ground not only in performance but also in flexibility. Critical features of the motor include the ability to be adjusted, tweaked and altered online allowing the user to create the perfect motor for the job. A brushless DC motor that is extremely dynamic requires an equally dynamic motor controller, the EPOS 4 created with speed in mind has the most powerful characteristics of any motor control unit maxon has ever developed. The new products are set to create huge enthusiasm and can be seen for the first time at Hall 15 Stand D05.

For more information please contact +61 2 9457 7477 or visit maxon motor at the Hannover Fair website.


DC motors for ROV and subsea actuators.


The new maxon motor magazine delves into the fascinating use of motors in all sorts of equipment used at the bottom of the sea.

Tethered by umbilicals or autonomously controlled, robots, ROV’s and subsea mechanisms use DC motors for positioning, gripping and propelling tasks. The motors need to be manufactured to suit the harshest operating environments and extreme pressure. Learn how design engineers create products for subsea applications and see them in use.

Also in the upcoming edition maxon motor experts cover the important features to look for in a DC motor controller and give a detailed comparison between brushed and brushless DC motors.

Contact maxon motor Australia for your copy. Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.


maxon Robotics feature: Part 5


Laboratory robots: the maxon motor drive solution.

For speed and position-critical dispensing actions, maxon offer a DCX motor with high overload capacity, small in size, linear curve for minute control and high CPT.

One special type of robot found in a laboratory is the Pipetting machine. Used by small molecular biology labs for flexible liquid handling through to large scale active-ingredient screening by multinational pharmaceutical companies, the one common trait of these machines is the speed and position-critical dispensing actions. Handling hundreds of samples all at once, some equipped with numerous pipetting heads, the speed of these machines is increasing and the fluid quantities dispensed is becoming smaller and smaller. Essential to this is a highly dynamic and precise drive.

The maxon motor drive solution

Especially suited to this task offering very low instances of inertia and ironless windings with falter-free movements. The brushed DCX motor. Low noise output. Configurable to a planetary gearhead and encoder – the GPX 12 and ENX 10 EASY Encoder. This combination can be configured online and shipped in 11 days. The motor has a high overload capacity, is small in diameter for space critical machines, has a linear curve for minute control characteristics and a high level of precision up to 1024 counts per turn.

Lab_Robotics_Motor_195px  Lab_Robotics_Gear_195px

Above: maxon brushed DCX motor and GPX planetary gearhead.


Above: maxon ENX EASY encoder.

Other maxon motor drive solutions to consider

  • Brushless DC motors: EC or EC flat
  • Planetary Gearheads: GPX High Power, GPX, GP High Power or GP
  • Controllers: EPOS 24/2, EPOS 24/5, EPOS2 Module 36/2.

View the entire maxon X Drives program.

For more information on highly precise motors and drives for laboratory robotics please contact maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.

© 2016 by maxon motor Australia.

maxon Robotics feature: Part 3

Industrial Gripper Robots: the maxon motor solution.

Across the many and varied robotics applications be they surgical, UAV, humanoid, collaborative or industrial robots, maxon motor offers motor and drive solutions.

Part 3 of our 6 part series looks at Industrial gripper robots. The gripping action must impart a firm grip but not so firm that an object is crushed. The requirements for these robots is high and the motors and drives must meet these high-expectations and perform reliably every single time. Specifically, high power density to produce maximum torque with restricted space constraints and precise interaction between motors and encoders is critical.


Industrial grippers fitted with brushless maxon DC motors © 2016 maxon motor.

The maxon motor solution

Maxon motors have a special winding that guarantee performance that is efficient and precise. The brushless DC motor with Hall sensors has a high overload capacity, small dynamic and a linear curve for maintaining control. The motor is highly dynamic and can be fitted with maxon gearheads to match.


Maxon brushless DC motor EC 13 with hall sensors © 2016 maxon motor

Other maxon solutions to consider

  • Brushless flat DC motors: EC 9.2 flat or EC 20 flat.
  • Planetary gearheads: GP 10A or GP 13A.
  • Controllers: ESCON Module 24/2.

View the maxon EC flat program

For more information on solutions to your motor and drive needs for robotics application please call max-on motor Australia on tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

maxon DC motors in an Australian turntable.

Fitted with a maxon DC motor, aptly named “The quiet one”, maxon motor Australia’s customer has just released its highest end turntable in five years.

A new turntable featuring a multi-layer design of Delrin and aluminum & Delrin again, making the turntable plinth-less, is spun by a tailor-made maxon DC graphite brushed motor. The motor features pre-loading bearings and a 60V DC winding. The DC motors detent free performance is complimented by the use of a 4096qc encoder and features extra-long cables. Also featuring a special damping system to offset noise from the graphite brushes and the preloading system has been finely calibrated for the speed range.

The motor control features very high bandwidth 53.6 kHz current regulation. Analogue speed adjustment is possible within the three settings and it features an oversized tungsten main bearing. Another feature of the is the “nested” platter and a magnetic levitation system that reduces to under ten pounds the weight borne by the thrust pad/ball system.

The device contains an integrated suspension system that isolates external vibrations and dissipate internal ones, also an isolation system for the tone arm mount that equals previous benchmarks.

maxon motor Australia have been working together with the customer for many years during the development cycle. During this time dozens of customised configurations were experimented with before finally finding the ideal harmonic results.

For more information please contact maxon motor Australia Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.


The Quiet One – maxon brushed DC motor  Pic_Turntable

The turntable

maxon motor introduces MARS – a new facility for mechatronics.


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The Swiss Drive specialist has established a new complex in Giswil, Switzerland dedicated solely to DC motors in complete mechatronic drive systems. Opened in November 2015, the Maxon Advanced Robotics & Systems (MARS) is a production and development site with … Continue reading

Brushless DC motors drive a wheelchair that will climb stairs.

Climbing stairs at a speed of one step per second. Powered by two maxon brushless DC motors this electric wheelchair is safe, maneuverable, fast and easy to operate.

This remarkable wheelchair is widening the landscape for those who rely on wheelchairs for everyday use. University engineers wanted to remove the hurdle that stairs present for a wheelchair user.

Upon approaching a set of stairs, the person will select a function on a touch screen. With sensors and cameras that measure the incline of the stairs, the wheelchair automatically turns around and reverses up the stairs. The person stays upright at all times and is stabilised by the design of the caterpillar wheels.

The wheels and the caterpillars are equipped with two maxon brushless DC motors fitted with ceramic gearheads. The modified gearheads give a longer service life. Selected for their durability, precision movements, quiet operation and lightweight at 3.2kgs the brushless DC drives unite two motion principles in one. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the chair stabilises and retracts the caterpillar wheels under the chair thus continuing the journey on two wheels. Controlled by a maxon EPOS2 70/10 controller, the digital positioning of the EPOS2 ensures perfect control for both brushed and brushless DC motors.

For more information please contact a Sales Engineer. Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Top: the Scalevo wheelchair

Middle: Raffael Kϋnzi tries out the Scalevo wheelchair

Middle: The EPOS2 70/10 digital positioning motor controller

Bottom: maxon GP52 C Ø52 mm ceramic version 

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