New DC servo gear motor combinations


Complex processing applications requiring human interaction require absolute precision to ensure operator safety. New zero backlash brushless DC servo gear motors with absolute encoder combinations supply the solution.

When a mineral processing company required an automation process involving high torque levels in close proximity to the machinery operator, new product thinking was required. The heavy equipment being moved generates considerable inertia that would need to hold under brake tension. Position control of the load requires encoder feedback on the brushless DC motor to compliment absolute encoder feedback on the load and zero backlash on the gearhead to ensure the unit is in the exact position that the control system thinks it is.

The solution pictured is the first assembled combination of a maxon 60mm 48V 400w brushless DC motor, 3 channel digital incremental encoder, 24V holding brake and 160:1 zero backlash gearhead. This new motor solution can hold a 400Nm load continuously and withstand shock loading on the output of up to 2200Nm. Speeds of up to 30rpm are capable from the unit and it is easily configured for use with servo amplifiers or position controllers having zero cogging or mechanical detents.

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maxon motor looking ahead with confidence.


A look at 2015 performance so far and future direction of the DC drive specialist.

Speaking at the annual press conference, Dr. Karl-Walter Braun (Majority Shareholder of maxon motor ag) and Eugen Elmiger (CEO) revealed that so far, the 2015 financial year revenues increased by 6% totalling more than CHF 400 million for the first time. maxon introduced several new products including the ECX-Speed motors, able to reach speeds up to 120,000 rpm and configurable online. Other new products include the ultra-compact brushless 4mm DC motor with medical approvals, powerful High Torque ECX motors and the EPOS4 positioning controllers.

The new Aerospace division was created “Our highly specialised team solves complex challenges for demanding customers who value extreme reliability in their drives” said Karl-Walter Braun.

The strongest market for maxon remained in Medical technology, industrial automation and robotics and aerospace. maxon DC drives are found in many and varied applications, for example, space missions to Mars, surgical tools or humanoid robots.

Technology and investment in R&D remain a priority. maxon has partnered in several customer projects involving complex system solutions that, in addition to drives, also required software development. “Under this aspect, the ExoMars project by the European Space Agency, which is planning a Mars landing in 2020, is extremely interesting”, said Eugen Elmiger. “This is a very big development challenge.”

Said Karl-Walter Braun, “Our CTO system (configure-to-order and e-shop) provides sales teams and customers with a tool that enables them to configure and order the optimal drive solution for their needs from anywhere in the world.”

With many new products and noteworthy projects, maxon is confident about its outlook for the remainder of the financial year.


Pictured: Dr. Karl-Walter Braun (Majority Shareholder of maxon motor ag) and Eugen Elmiger (CEO)

Overview of the maxon motor group
The maxon motor group, with headquarters in Sachseln (Obwalden, Switzerland), specialises in the development, manufacturing and sale of high-quality drive components and systems. The company is present in all key markets and has 2,238 employees. It has production facilities in Sachseln (CH), Sexau (GER), Veszprém (HU) and Sejong (KOR), Neyron (FR), and Enschede (NL). In the 2015 financial year, the group achieved a consolidated revenue of CHF 402.5 million. maxon motor produces the smallest positioning drive in the world, with a diameter of only 4 mm. The development of special motors for low and high temperatures has had far-reaching consequences: maxon products can today be found from deep inside the Earth to distant Mars. More information can be found at

Tailoring the perfect custom DC gear motor solution.

Cropped pic 450px

This robust right angle DC servo gear motor example showcases maxon motors capability to supply unique solutions for demanding applications. Supplied into Australia’s defence industry the motor and gearing needed to be of the most robust and efficient design.

The system is comprised of an 40mm rare earth brushless DC motor fitted with a 42mm 66:1 ceramic planetary reduction gearhead, a right angle 5:1 helical bevel reduction gearhead and a 500cpt digital encoder. The combination is specifically assembled to provide the exact proportion of speed and torque within a fixed shape the motor needs to fit within. The reduction ratio split between the two gearheads needs to be carefully selected in order to focus the high speed and low torque power transmission function on the ceramic planetary gearhead utilising the advantages of a gearhead containing high wear resistant ceramic components. The low speed high torque transfer task is conducted by a large low ratio helical bevel gear train. This design gearbox contains a very large tooth section by comparison to the planetary gearhead making it more suitable for this task. maxon motor’s 40mm rare earth motor gives high levels of power without the negative influences of a laminated stack within the motor. This coreless, ironless design allows for zero cogging movement and accurate motor control at low speeds for precision positioning control.

Oh yes, any colour as long as its black.

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Pictured above is the custom DC gear motor solution © 2016 maxon motor ag


First ECX DC motor delivered in Australia.


The first of maxon motor’s new line of high speed brushless DC motors was delivered to an Australian university this week.

As an expansion of the new range of DC motors that are customised online using a special web tool, maxon motor have released a series of high speed brushless motors that can be configured on the same platform. The motor pictured is capable of 60,000rpm and 216W from a 22mm diameter and 60mm length. The quality of the construction can be clearly viewed, however it is on test that the design shows its capabilities with extremely low noise at very high speeds. Power density is also very high on the motor with the mass at only 140g. In many applications such as specialised hand tools, industrial robotics, electronics manufacturing and fluid control, high power densities are only achieved in the correct form factor with high speed brushless motors and controllers. The high speeds have traditionally made it difficult to get ‘useable’ levels because power transmission devices such as planetary gearheads have not been able to accept the high speeds at their input. This is why maxon engineers have developed a new gearhead with up to 50,000rpm possible at the input. The new designs now mean converting the high speeds into high torques is now possible in an even smaller package.

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maxon launches unparalleled number of new DC drive systems.


Available in the maxon online catalogue is a bounty of new DC motors, gearheads and controllers.

@maxonmotorUK summed it up perfectly in the latest edition of e-news. R&D is a crucial component of maxon’s innovation strategy and we invest heavily in researching, developing, manufacturing and bringing to market new products. April is a bumper month and we are proud to present the following new designs:

NEW The family of ECX SPEED brushless DC motors is being expanded to include the ECX SPEED 22 and ECX SPEED 22 High Power BLDC motors and the GPX SPEED 19 and 22 planetary gearheads.

NEW EC-I 52 high torque motor. Diameter of 52 mm and a length of 80 mm provides an impressive continuous torque of 417mNm.

NEW High Power planetary gearheads. We recently launched the High Power versions of the GPX 22 and GPX 32. This is now followed with the 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm and 26 mm versions.

NEW brushed DC-max 26 S available with graphite or precious metal commutation.

These products are available in the online catalogue

If you’re based in Australia, speak to a sales engineer locally for information on any of the above products Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

High speed motors and controllers unveiled at Hannover Fair.


Set to create a new benchmark for DC motor speed and quality are the new brushless DC motors from maxon motor. 22mm 60,000rpm and 35mNm are the characteristics of one new drive that will be released alongside new high power gearheads in 12mm through to 32mm diameter. The motors set new ground not only in performance but also in flexibility. Critical features of the motor include the ability to be adjusted, tweaked and altered online allowing the user to create the perfect motor for the job. A brushless DC motor that is extremely dynamic requires an equally dynamic motor controller, the EPOS 4 created with speed in mind has the most powerful characteristics of any motor control unit maxon has ever developed. The new products are set to create huge enthusiasm and can be seen for the first time at Hall 15 Stand D05.

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DC motors for ROV and subsea actuators.


The new maxon motor magazine delves into the fascinating use of motors in all sorts of equipment used at the bottom of the sea.

Tethered by umbilicals or autonomously controlled, robots, ROV’s and subsea mechanisms use DC motors for positioning, gripping and propelling tasks. The motors need to be manufactured to suit the harshest operating environments and extreme pressure. Learn how design engineers create products for subsea applications and see them in use.

Also in the upcoming edition maxon motor experts cover the important features to look for in a DC motor controller and give a detailed comparison between brushed and brushless DC motors.

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High power density 4 pole brushless motor.


maxon motor Australia deliver the first combination of 4 pole brushless dc motor with sealed planetary gearhead and new inductive encoder for demanding subsea application.

Constructed with a single tube stainless steel housing with laser welded flanges, this 4 pole brushless DC motor offers high levels of robustness and can deliver 90W of power from only 22mm diameter. High end rare earth magnets and maxon’s winding technology give the brushless motor a unique advantage of being powerful and also highly controllable. The maxon winding gives a zero magnetic cogging and the low rotor inertia allows for rapid acceleration.

This is the first time maxon motor Australia have been able to offer the motor with the new EASY 16mm inductive encoder that is also sealed and perfect for use in harsh electrical or environmental conditions. Reducing the motor speed and increasing the torque is a 26mm planetary gearhead with rubber seals fitted to the bearing for increased protection. The entire combination of parts form a powerful, controllable brushless DC servo drive.

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Pictured at top is the 22mm brushless 4 pole motor with inductive encoder and sealed planetary gearhead © 2016 maxon motor.


Unmanned vehicles: the maxon motor drive solution.

ESA Exomars robot

Across the many and varied robotics applications be they surgical, UAV, humanoid, collaborative or industrial robots, maxon motor offers motor and drive solutions.

Unmanned robots step-in for humans when the environment is too dangerous or rugged to tread. These robots are designed to perform a variety of tasks, operate independently and negotiate tough terrain. The motors and drives need to be 100% reliable particularly when the environment for repairs is dangerous, impractical or near-impossible for humans to negotiate. Because these microdrives run on batteries, engineers look at the energy efficiency for the longest life-span possible. These drives are configurable on-line to suit specific application needs and ready to be shipped after 11 days.

The maxon motor drive solution

Offering high-energy efficiency, extreme power packed into small spaces, precise position & speed control and very high torque output. The brushed DC motor with planetary gearhead and maxon X-series encoder is pictured below. maxon motor recommends a DCX 22 with graphite brushes for robust operation fitted with a GPX HP gearhead and ENX 16 EASY encoder.


DCX 22 with graphite brushes and GPX 22 HP.


ENX encoder © 2016 maxon motor

Other maxon drive solutions to consider

  • Brushless DC motors: The EC-i 40, EC-i 40 High Torque with EASY Encoder.
  • Brushless flat motors: EC45 flat, EC 60 flat and EC90 flat with MILE Encoder.
  • Controllers: ESCON Module 50/5, DEC Module 50/5 or EPOS2 Module 36/2.

View the entire maxon EC program.

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Brushless DC motor with two gearheads.

maxon motor Australia delivered a company first. A right angle spiroid and planetary inline gearhead fitted either end of a brushless DC motor.

Demonstrating maxon motors Australia’s ability to customise motor and gearhead combinations to suit demanding applications, this combination represents a world first delivering calculated ratios for a specific X,Y movement.

Starting with the right angle gearhead. It is produced in the USA and has a high stiffness proportional to its compactness and low weight. Further specifications on the gearhead are: intermittent torque up to 9.4Nm, Helicon tooth form, 478N radial load and high quality combinations of needle and ball bearings.

Moving to the brushless DC motor which was manufactured in Switzerland and was selected because there was a requirement for zero shaft cogging (a motor without any mechanical detent), the 22mm brushless DC motor provides smooth controllable speed from very slow to a maximum of 18,000 rpm (restricted by gearhead input requirements). The Brushless DC motor delivers 25W at 12V. The motor has an all stainless steel construction and an internal hall sensor network for accurate speed regulation. On the rear side of the motor where normally you would see an encoder or another type of feedback device, a special mounting adaptor has been machined to fit a 22mm Ceramic Planetary gearhead from Germany. By adjusting the gearhead ratios it was possible to map the exact shape of an x,y scan and the number of motor revolutions determines the size.

Developed for use in a medical hand tool, the dual gearhead and motor combination has a low weight and can be precisely controlled. The highest quality has been achieved by maxon motor in Australia sourcing components from manufacturers in three countries, having then customised and assembled for the end user located in New Zealand. A truly global solution.

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DC motor with two gearheads. Inline planetary and right angle bevel © 2016 maxon motor Australia.