Trust the air that you breathe.

Fast maxon brushless DC motors are utilised in the blower units of high-quality protection suits.

Driven by a maxon brushless DC motor. With its ironless winding and strong magnet, the brushless DC motor is capable, high-speed and robust. It was selected especially for a customers specialised high-quality protection suit because of the compact and lightweight design producing very little vibration and noise output. Most importantly, a brushless DC motor was mandatory as a brushed motor may cause sparks that would ignite within the suit.

These specialised protection suits contain the air blower unit within the suit that fills not only the hood, but the entire suit with clean air. Special consideration was given to the placement of the blower unit sewn inside the suit, to avoid the need for heavy straps or air supply hoses. A Li-Ion battery provides more than four hours of operation of air supply with a flow up to 600ltrs per minute.

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The brushless EC 22 DC motor is high speed with smooth operation. The ironless winding prevents stutter. For this application, a unit with a power of 40W was used © maxon motor.