Powerful zero backlash servo gear motor.

Powerful zero backlash DC motor

Brushless DC (BLDC) servomotor, zero backlash gearhead, holding brake and high resolution encoder combination drive offers high torque levels without compromising positioning accuracy.

This servo motor and gearhead combination recently released by maxon motor Australia can produce 364Nm with a peak torque rating at the output of 686Nm. Fitted with both an encoder and a holding brake inside the IP rated motor’s rear enclosure the combination can move heavy loads into position and make sure they stay there. The high acceleration of the brushless DC motor with top grade Neodymium magnets enables a zero to 2600rpm speed change in under 4ms. Being both brushless DC and also slotless gives the motor zero cogging or position detent for smooth position transitions and low speed performance. The solid construction and sealed nature of the motor drive components makes it suitable for mining, food, process control and manufacturing environments. Customisation of the motor and gearhead features is possible and both 24 and 48V DC supplies can be used. The unit is compatible with standard Servoamplifier and position controllers from maxon motor.

For more information contact maxon motor Australia Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

New sizes of DC motor and Planetary Gearheads available for configuration through maxon’s online tool.


Now available for online configuration maxon motor Australia release new sizes of DC motor and planetary gearhead.

Following from maxon motors release of the new ECX DC motor (read about it here), now available are new sizes of the high speed brushless DC motor and planetary gearhead. A complete DC drive system can be tailored to individual demanding applications by adding the EPOS powerful motor controller.

New sizes available include the ECX 8mm and 22mm diameter (in both Medium and Long versions) and eight variations of the GPX planetary gearhead in sizes ranging from 12mm to 26mm.

The benefits of the new ECX range of DC motors include extremely high speeds, low noise, sterilisable and lightweight for applications with compact space constraints.

For more information please contact maxon motor Australia tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Try before you buy: the maxon motor BIKEDRIVE.


The first of its kind, BIKEDRIVE, is now available for rent at the maxon test center in Giswil, Obwalden.

maxon motor developed a powerful three-part drive system that is able to be fitted by Bike dealers to nearly every bike. The BIKEDRIVE is a powerful motor, battery and throttle grip that delivers nearly three times the propulsion than muscle power alone. The same principals were applied from the expertise gained in the maxon motor Mars/ Space division, making this specialised technology available to everyone. maxon’s BIKEDRIVE is a first in the e-bike field providing nearly 50 Nm torque, in a compact design (weighing less than 6kgs) and achieving nearly 90% efficiency.

A selection of bikes is available at the testing facility: freeride, mountain, fat and city bikes. Registration is open for a special session on September 24 with former downhill world champion Albert Iten, who mentored maxon in the development of the e-bike motor.

For more information please visit www.maxonbikedrive.com and see below details for the BIKEDRIVE test center.


maxon BIKEDRIVE Testcenter Giswil
Industriestrasse 24, 6074 Giswil
Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. MO – FR, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. SA
Prices: ½ a day from CHF 25.- 1 day from CHF 32.-Reservation
+41 (41) 666 18 29

Cycling training with Albert Iten
September 24 and October 22, 2016
Reservation: +41 (41) 666 18 29



A look back: maxon DC motors in analogue tape recorders.

Analogue TR 1977

1977: The Commodore PET computer is first sold; Atari released its Video Computer system; The Porsche 928 is unveiled at the Geneva Motor show; and Uher-Werke released the SG 630 hi-fi tape recorder (with 4 maxon DC motors inside).

In the late ‘70s, maxon motor were consulted for their innovative DC motors for use in a hi-fi tape recorder. Two brushless DC motors operated the shaft that drove the tape head mechanism. What was considered 39 years ago to be cutting edge technology, was the two maxon DC motors that drove the large 27cm spools of tape. One motor constantly pulled the tape and the second motor slowed the tape down to avoid tangling the ribbon. The “new” ironless windings were praised for having low inertia compared to conventional motors of the time. A servo-gearhead motor was used for the “Omega-loop” of the tape to record the audio. In a few short years, this equipment was superseded by digital technology and eventually dropped off the market altogether. Maxon DC motors are still used in high-end record players, such as the Kronos, that has two maxon DC motors in the turntables.

For more information on maxon DC motors and servo gearheads please call +61 2 9457 7477.

Below: music technology has come a long way. Maxon DC motors are in the high-end Kronos turntable © 2016 maxon motor ag



maxon motor Australia: now delivering DC servo motors weekly.

Verknüpfung mit RE_max_Totale_2_Ebenen_9_450px

maxon motor Australia will now receive a weekly shipment of DC servo motor customer orders to their Sydney office.

maxon motor Australia has responded to their customer demands and from August 3rd will move to a weekly factory shipment. A steady increase in customer orders of the DC servo motors and gearheads has prompted the shift. As maxon motor Australia approaches their 10 year anniversary, the success of the DC servo motor manufacturer has stemmed from the reliability and quality of their DC servo motors, prompt customer service & support and expansion into growing technological fields such as robotics, medical and aerospace applications.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand will benefit from a reliable and regular shipment pattern as well as faster response times on orders of DC servo motors, gearheads, sensors/ encoders and other accessories.

For further information please contact + 61 2 9457 7477.

drive.tech: maxon motors’ new site for innovation.


Advancements in drive technology, news items, blogs and stories come together on the drive.tech website created by maxon motor.

The leading manufacturer of DC motors and drive systems has created a new site for technology enthusiasts. Regularly updated to include projects supported by maxon motor, the latest hi-tech trends, global and robotic inventions, advances in medical applications or MARS / Space expeditions. Experts from within maxon motor share their knowledge as well as application examples showcasing the abilities of maxon DC motor capabilities.

For more information visit drive.tech or call +61 2 9457 7477.


maxon motor looking ahead with confidence.


A look at 2015 performance so far and future direction of the DC drive specialist.

Speaking at the annual press conference, Dr. Karl-Walter Braun (Majority Shareholder of maxon motor ag) and Eugen Elmiger (CEO) revealed that so far, the 2015 financial year revenues increased by 6% totalling more than CHF 400 million for the first time. maxon introduced several new products including the ECX-Speed motors, able to reach speeds up to 120,000 rpm and configurable online. Other new products include the ultra-compact brushless 4mm DC motor with medical approvals, powerful High Torque ECX motors and the EPOS4 positioning controllers.

The new Aerospace division was created “Our highly specialised team solves complex challenges for demanding customers who value extreme reliability in their drives” said Karl-Walter Braun.

The strongest market for maxon remained in Medical technology, industrial automation and robotics and aerospace. maxon DC drives are found in many and varied applications, for example, space missions to Mars, surgical tools or humanoid robots.

Technology and investment in R&D remain a priority. maxon has partnered in several customer projects involving complex system solutions that, in addition to drives, also required software development. “Under this aspect, the ExoMars project by the European Space Agency, which is planning a Mars landing in 2020, is extremely interesting”, said Eugen Elmiger. “This is a very big development challenge.”

Said Karl-Walter Braun, “Our CTO system (configure-to-order and e-shop) provides sales teams and customers with a tool that enables them to configure and order the optimal drive solution for their needs from anywhere in the world.”

With many new products and noteworthy projects, maxon is confident about its outlook for the remainder of the financial year.


Pictured: Dr. Karl-Walter Braun (Majority Shareholder of maxon motor ag) and Eugen Elmiger (CEO)

Overview of the maxon motor group
The maxon motor group, with headquarters in Sachseln (Obwalden, Switzerland), specialises in the development, manufacturing and sale of high-quality drive components and systems. The company is present in all key markets and has 2,238 employees. It has production facilities in Sachseln (CH), Sexau (GER), Veszprém (HU) and Sejong (KOR), Neyron (FR), and Enschede (NL). In the 2015 financial year, the group achieved a consolidated revenue of CHF 402.5 million. maxon motor produces the smallest positioning drive in the world, with a diameter of only 4 mm. The development of special motors for low and high temperatures has had far-reaching consequences: maxon products can today be found from deep inside the Earth to distant Mars. More information can be found at www.maxonmotor.com.au

Tailoring the perfect custom DC gear motor solution.

Cropped pic 450px

This robust right angle DC servo gear motor example showcases maxon motors capability to supply unique solutions for demanding applications. Supplied into Australia’s defence industry the motor and gearing needed to be of the most robust and efficient design.

The system is comprised of an 40mm rare earth brushless DC motor fitted with a 42mm 66:1 ceramic planetary reduction gearhead, a right angle 5:1 helical bevel reduction gearhead and a 500cpt digital encoder. The combination is specifically assembled to provide the exact proportion of speed and torque within a fixed shape the motor needs to fit within. The reduction ratio split between the two gearheads needs to be carefully selected in order to focus the high speed and low torque power transmission function on the ceramic planetary gearhead utilising the advantages of a gearhead containing high wear resistant ceramic components. The low speed high torque transfer task is conducted by a large low ratio helical bevel gear train. This design gearbox contains a very large tooth section by comparison to the planetary gearhead making it more suitable for this task. maxon motor’s 40mm rare earth motor gives high levels of power without the negative influences of a laminated stack within the motor. This coreless, ironless design allows for zero cogging movement and accurate motor control at low speeds for precision positioning control.

Oh yes, any colour as long as its black.

For detailed engineering assistance with custom DC gear motor combinations contact maxon motor Australia. Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.

Pictured above is the custom DC gear motor solution © 2016 maxon motor ag


DC servo linear actuation – made to order.


This long ball screw linear actuator driven by a DC servo motor and gearhead is the latest example that shows maxon motor’s ability to provide tailored solutions. Recently supplied by maxon motor in Australia, the unit is made of a high grade stainless steel ball screw, integrated thrust block bearing system, planetary gearhead and DC servo motor.

With a mechanical positioning accuracy of 0.037mm, a 133mm/s linear speed and a rating of over 1000N of mechanical intermittent force over its 600mm length, the device is compact and powerful. The bearing system allows both push and pull at the same rating and maxon are able to manufacture the unit with a linear length to suit the application. Electrically driving the ball screw with a detent free DC servo motor allows the movement of the load to be controlled precisely and smoothly. Based on the pitch of the ball screw and the positioning resolution required, the DC motor can be fitted with high resolution digital encoders and can be controlled with either full position controllers or servo amplifiers within a position control loop. This example is being used with current control of the DC servo motor giving a proportionally controlled force over the movement range. With adjustability of the motor winding, gearhead ratio, actuator pitch and travel length a combination of components can be specified to give the most compact and appropriate servo system.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information or assistance. Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.

Bring out the best in your DC motor with the right motor control.



For more than 25 years maxon motor have focused on motion control of brushed and brushless DC motors, evolving from stand-alone functionality to complete integrated drive systems.

Long gone are the days of placing a DC motor to run by itself in an application. Developments in technology, diagnostics, networking and efficient safety have contributed to the evolution of basic motor functionality to present-day complete small systems. To one end, maxon motor offer simple current & speed controllers and at the other end are controllers for high-performance torque, speed or position control as well as motor integrated devices. The new EPOS4 controller, released in April 2016, stands out from every other maxon DC motor position controller before it because of the controllers ability to achieve maximum power density in very small spaces. There is also the option to program the EPOS4 via various interfaces allowing for a tailored DC drive system that furnishes optimum coordination of the individual components. It also negates the need to possess intricate knowledge of brushed and brushless DC motors.

This article originally appeared in the 1//2016 issue of driven magazine. For more information on DC motor control capabilities call maxon motor Australia +61 2 9457 7477.