Micro DC motor perfectly adapted

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This very small DC micromotor has morphed into a perfect application solution. It is in fact, a brushed DC motor, planetary gearhead and magnetic encoder customised to suit the application.

Being only 10mm diameter it requires close inspection to notice the unique changes that have been made to the motor solution. Through extensive and vigorous testing the design engineers for the end application have individually examined and “tweaked” almost every feature. The first prototypes delivered used a standard maxon RE10 motor and GP10 planetary gearhead. It was found that the extremely space constrained location where the motor is mounted required the assembly technicians to tightly bend the cables where they exited the digital encoder. This caused strain on the solder terminations of the encoder PCB. maxon quickly implemented the customers following request for a resin to be applied at the cable exit to assist with strain relief. This assisted to an extent by making the motor design more robust however it was what is commonly referred to as a “band-aid solution”. Further testing revealed the true cause of the cable strain came about because of an unspecified cable exit angle with relation to the customer fitted custom front flange for the motor. Also further exacerbated by the screw on mounting assembly between the motor and gearhead that allowed for various angle of orientation that were torque dependent. This in a small number of occasions caused the cable to interfere with other components in the machine. A solution offered by maxon motor Australia was that at the point of motor fabrication, the front motor mounting flange and customer drive element be laser welded in place. This is difficult enough to achieve given the motors micro dimensions but additional drastic changes had to be made to facilitate the customisation. This being a completely redesigned gearbox with a stainless steel construction to enable welding of the flange to the motor body. A special jig was constructed to hold the motor and encoder cable exit in specific orientation with the front flange whilst welding takes place to ensure consistent part relationship. Thus, over time maxon motor have morphed a standard catalogue motor and gearhead into a perfectly suited custom solution.

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New DC servo gear motor combinations


Complex processing applications requiring human interaction require absolute precision to ensure operator safety. New zero backlash brushless DC servo gear motors with absolute encoder combinations supply the solution.

When a mineral processing company required an automation process involving high torque levels in close proximity to the machinery operator, new product thinking was required. The heavy equipment being moved generates considerable inertia that would need to hold under brake tension. Position control of the load requires encoder feedback on the brushless DC motor to compliment absolute encoder feedback on the load and zero backlash on the gearhead to ensure the unit is in the exact position that the control system thinks it is.

The solution pictured is the first assembled combination of a maxon 60mm 48V 400w brushless DC motor, 3 channel digital incremental encoder, 24V holding brake and 160:1 zero backlash gearhead. This new motor solution can hold a 400Nm load continuously and withstand shock loading on the output of up to 2200Nm. Speeds of up to 30rpm are capable from the unit and it is easily configured for use with servo amplifiers or position controllers having zero cogging or mechanical detents.

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More to choose from with maxon’s online custom design tool


maxon motor has added sterilisable brushless DC motors and gearheads to their online configurator.

An expanded product range on the maxon online configurator means that engineers and product developers can configure a range of high speed sterilisable DC motors and gearheads. Alongside this option are more DC motor sizes to choose from (from the ECX SPEED range) and the option of ceramic bearings. Tailor the DC motor to the application’s specific requirements such as shaft, flanges, electrical connections, ceramic bearings or the addition of gearhead and/ or encoder. The GPX SPEED gearheads have a special sealed design and are sterilisable up to 2,000 autoclave cycles. Maxon’s automated processes guarantee production within 11 working days.

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Mini DC electric linear actuator.

The smallest DC powered electric linear actuators with features customised to suit your application are available in Australia.

Pictured below is a completely customised miniature electric linear actuator for positioning tasks. By combining a 16mm 60W 24V brushless DC motor with an integrated radial and axial thrust block bearing system, the shaft is then manufactured directly as a ball screw assembly. Despite the tiny dimensions available with motor diameters as low as 6mm the units can deliver high linear forces. This 16mm ball screw version delivered to an Australian customer this week has a force delivery capability of 403N. Combined with the brushless motors high speed capability having the ability to accelerate to 12,000rpm in under 2ms the actuator is also extremely dynamic. The motor is fitted with an integrated digital encoder for detent free smooth positioning. The length of the ball screw and the nut details are all configurable to suit the machine design requirements.

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maxon motor Australia: now delivering DC servo motors weekly.

Verknüpfung mit RE_max_Totale_2_Ebenen_9_450px

maxon motor Australia will now receive a weekly shipment of DC servo motor customer orders to their Sydney office.

maxon motor Australia has responded to their customer demands and from August 3rd will move to a weekly factory shipment. A steady increase in customer orders of the DC servo motors and gearheads has prompted the shift. As maxon motor Australia approaches their 10 year anniversary, the success of the DC servo motor manufacturer has stemmed from the reliability and quality of their DC servo motors, prompt customer service & support and expansion into growing technological fields such as robotics, medical and aerospace applications.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand will benefit from a reliable and regular shipment pattern as well as faster response times on orders of DC servo motors, gearheads, sensors/ encoders and other accessories.

For further information please contact + 61 2 9457 7477.

Tailoring the perfect custom DC gear motor solution.

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This robust right angle DC servo gear motor example showcases maxon motors capability to supply unique solutions for demanding applications. Supplied into Australia’s defence industry the motor and gearing needed to be of the most robust and efficient design.

The system is comprised of an 40mm rare earth brushless DC motor fitted with a 42mm 66:1 ceramic planetary reduction gearhead, a right angle 5:1 helical bevel reduction gearhead and a 500cpt digital encoder. The combination is specifically assembled to provide the exact proportion of speed and torque within a fixed shape the motor needs to fit within. The reduction ratio split between the two gearheads needs to be carefully selected in order to focus the high speed and low torque power transmission function on the ceramic planetary gearhead utilising the advantages of a gearhead containing high wear resistant ceramic components. The low speed high torque transfer task is conducted by a large low ratio helical bevel gear train. This design gearbox contains a very large tooth section by comparison to the planetary gearhead making it more suitable for this task. maxon motor’s 40mm rare earth motor gives high levels of power without the negative influences of a laminated stack within the motor. This coreless, ironless design allows for zero cogging movement and accurate motor control at low speeds for precision positioning control.

Oh yes, any colour as long as its black.

For detailed engineering assistance with custom DC gear motor combinations contact maxon motor Australia. Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.

Pictured above is the custom DC gear motor solution © 2016 maxon motor ag


maxon brushed DC motors in miniature model trains.


These model railway trains aren’t for sitting in the trophy cabinet. The models are exact, albeit mini, replicas of Swiss trains. The maxon brushed DC motors in the trains are robust, withstanding high temperatures and overvoltage without interruption.

Maxon A-max brushed DC motors and DCX motors are particularly selected in these model trains. Built by a Swiss company, the motors were selected for their robust operation and ability to withstand heat and overvoltage. The motors ease of control also fits with digital technology that is becoming more apparent in model rail-making. With arduous demands placed on the motors they to live up to the models reputation of premium quality and trustworthy mechanics.

The brushed A-max DC motors offer excellent value for money with their automated production and optimised design. In sizes ranging from 12mm to 32mm and 0.5 to 20W of power. The A-max series longevity proves its reliability. The newer DCX range of motors are increasingly used in the models, offering diameters of 10mm to 35mm, low noise, high-torque, high-quality and ability to be configured online and ready for delivery within 11 working days. Select from graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings amongst many other customisable features.

For more information on brushed DC motors for miniature applications contact maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.


The maxon DCX 22 motor is made of high-grade materials. This ensures best quality and performance. This brushed DC motor pictured provides 14 W of power (graphite brushes).© 2016 maxon motor.


The maxon A-max 22 motor provides 6 W power and is equipped with graphite brushes. Automated processes are one of the secrets behind the excellent price-performance ratio of the brushed A-max DC motor. © 2016 maxon motor.

maxon launches unparalleled number of new DC drive systems.


Available in the maxon online catalogue is a bounty of new DC motors, gearheads and controllers.

@maxonmotorUK summed it up perfectly in the latest edition of e-news. R&D is a crucial component of maxon’s innovation strategy and we invest heavily in researching, developing, manufacturing and bringing to market new products. April is a bumper month and we are proud to present the following new designs:

NEW The family of ECX SPEED brushless DC motors is being expanded to include the ECX SPEED 22 and ECX SPEED 22 High Power BLDC motors and the GPX SPEED 19 and 22 planetary gearheads.

NEW EC-I 52 high torque motor. Diameter of 52 mm and a length of 80 mm provides an impressive continuous torque of 417mNm.

NEW High Power planetary gearheads. We recently launched the High Power versions of the GPX 22 and GPX 32. This is now followed with the 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm and 26 mm versions.

NEW brushed DC-max 26 S available with graphite or precious metal commutation.

These products are available in the online catalogue http://epaper.maxonmotor.com.au

If you’re based in Australia, speak to a sales engineer locally for information on any of the above products Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Robotically assisted neurosurgery.


A new article from maxon motor UK reports on an application using a brushless DC motor for brain surgery with some truly strange inspiration.

Nature inspires many technological innovations and this application is an extreme example. Containing a maxon brushless DC motor and position control unit, biomedical engineers were inspired by the egg laying process of wasps to develop a steerable needle.

Enabling deep brain access without harming vulnerable sections in the insertion path, the flexible surgical tool is segmented with an interlocking mechanism and can change directions using a bevel tip that is programmable via the maxon brushless motor position controller.

The full news article can be found on the maxon motor UK website.

For medical tool application or general assistance with brushless DC motors contact maxon motor Australia Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.

Brushless DC motor with two gearheads.

maxon motor Australia delivered a company first. A right angle spiroid and planetary inline gearhead fitted either end of a brushless DC motor.

Demonstrating maxon motors Australia’s ability to customise motor and gearhead combinations to suit demanding applications, this combination represents a world first delivering calculated ratios for a specific X,Y movement.

Starting with the right angle gearhead. It is produced in the USA and has a high stiffness proportional to its compactness and low weight. Further specifications on the gearhead are: intermittent torque up to 9.4Nm, Helicon tooth form, 478N radial load and high quality combinations of needle and ball bearings.

Moving to the brushless DC motor which was manufactured in Switzerland and was selected because there was a requirement for zero shaft cogging (a motor without any mechanical detent), the 22mm brushless DC motor provides smooth controllable speed from very slow to a maximum of 18,000 rpm (restricted by gearhead input requirements). The Brushless DC motor delivers 25W at 12V. The motor has an all stainless steel construction and an internal hall sensor network for accurate speed regulation. On the rear side of the motor where normally you would see an encoder or another type of feedback device, a special mounting adaptor has been machined to fit a 22mm Ceramic Planetary gearhead from Germany. By adjusting the gearhead ratios it was possible to map the exact shape of an x,y scan and the number of motor revolutions determines the size.

Developed for use in a medical hand tool, the dual gearhead and motor combination has a low weight and can be precisely controlled. The highest quality has been achieved by maxon motor in Australia sourcing components from manufacturers in three countries, having then customised and assembled for the end user located in New Zealand. A truly global solution.

For further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact maxon motor Australia.

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DC motor with two gearheads. Inline planetary and right angle bevel © 2016 maxon motor Australia.