Brushless Frameless DC motors

maxon brushless flat motors designed to a frameless format.

To achieve a maximum torque from a minimum density and motor volume, maxon brushless flat motors (pancake motors) are available on request in a frameless form. maxon EC flat motors are BLDC (brushless DC motors) with iron windings. They have high numbers of pole pairs and are suitable for high torque and low speed applications. The flat motor design lends itself to integration within a robotic joint.

The principal design of the series has an external rotor (out-runner motor). This can be specifically designed to suit a customer’s application and supplied in a hollow kit form allowing space for the passing of electrical, fiber or air cabling and hoses. With low voltage BLDC motors it is easy to meet safety standards and the windings are available in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V DC.

It is also possible with frameless motors to still incorporate hollow hall sensor feedback boards and even hollow bore encoders built directly into the stator and rotor components. The pancake motor range from maxon motor has proven itself consistently for many years giving customers confidence that when supplied in a customised frameless version, they will give equally reliable performance.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information on how to integrate a flat motor into your robotic joint application. Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.

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Brushless frameless DC motors in robotics supplied on request © maxon motor 2016.