maxon DC motors in an Australian turntable.

Fitted with a maxon DC motor, aptly named “The quiet one”, maxon motor Australia’s customer has just released its highest end turntable in five years.

A new turntable featuring a multi-layer design of Delrin and aluminum & Delrin again, making the turntable plinth-less, is spun by a tailor-made maxon DC graphite brushed motor. The motor features pre-loading bearings and a 60V DC winding. The DC motors detent free performance is complimented by the use of a 4096qc encoder and features extra-long cables. Also featuring a special damping system to offset noise from the graphite brushes and the preloading system has been finely calibrated for the speed range.

The motor control features very high bandwidth 53.6 kHz current regulation. Analogue speed adjustment is possible within the three settings and it features an oversized tungsten main bearing. Another feature of the is the “nested” platter and a magnetic levitation system that reduces to under ten pounds the weight borne by the thrust pad/ball system.

The device contains an integrated suspension system that isolates external vibrations and dissipate internal ones, also an isolation system for the tone arm mount that equals previous benchmarks.

maxon motor Australia have been working together with the customer for many years during the development cycle. During this time dozens of customised configurations were experimented with before finally finding the ideal harmonic results.

For more information please contact maxon motor Australia Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.


The Quiet One – maxon brushed DC motor  Pic_Turntable

The turntable