Small DC servo motor controller

24V 2A and very, very small. The new DC servo motor controller from maxon motor.

Only the size of a postage stamp and yet still delivering up to 144W of power. This is the key advantage of this new motor control unit. Additionally, the controller has many other specifications creating an easy solution for many engineering problems; particularly in the fields of robotics and machine design. Notably, despite the motor controllers minute dimensions it can drive both brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors. It can give full four quadrant control over the motors with a PWM frequency of 53.6kHz and a lightning fast current control bandwidth of 53.6kHz also. The controller is designed for integration directly into the application as a plug in module and as such weighs only 7 grams. New for the entire range of motor controllers is RC servo signal inputs for set speed, set current, offset and current limitation. This will allow radio control users to upgrade their devices with higher quality industrial grade DC motors or brushless motors. The maximum speed is limited to 150,000rpm and there is a full suite of protective functions complementing an extended operating temperature range up to 80˚C.

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Small DC servo motor amplifier:  ESCON 24/2



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Position control of DC motors


maxon motor explain modern DC motor control techniques.

Function and reliability – Two key factors that modern mechanisms, processes and products require for success. So how does one achieve an advantage over competitors at the machinery development stage? It is not just cost. Design, ergonomics and also additional functions over and above the basic operation are critical:
–       Size and portability.
–       Versatility to allow for improvements.
–       The ability to quickly adjust for batch sizes.
–       Efficient application conversion.
–       Dynamic.
–       Efficient.

Additional factors giving the mechanism a market differentiation from competitors. If design innovations and advantages are cutting edge, the competition can only duplicate them with heavy investment and will also have a time to market disadvantage. DC motor control technology has a very important part to play at the origin of machinery design evolution. Its flexibility, efficiency, power and speed will have a flow on effect throughout the machine.

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New 30mm 150W 4pole brushless DC motor.

A small powerful brushless DC motor for surgical applications that can be sterilised in an autoclave 1000 times.

When initially released the maxon 4 pole 30mm brushless DC motor opened up many new possibilities for hand tools in industry with a ground breaking power density ratio, providing 200W from 300grams. The power from the motor was also very useable having 135mNm at over 15,000rpm (it is possible for example to achieve 250W from a 240g motor but this is at a 35mNm 62,000rpm working point). Automatic pruning shears, portable shearing tools, abattoir processing tools and torque tools are just a few examples of applications that were previously not possible to find hand held motor solutions for. Now, further expanding into the hand tool market maxon motor have released a sterilisable version of the popular motor. Bone saws, surgical drills and acetabulum reaming tools are a few examples of the medical tools that suit the motors capabilities. It still features nominal speeds of around 15,000rpm and high nominal torques between 80 and 100mNm. A true indicator of a motors performance is its speed torque gradient which represents how much a motor will slow down under load. At 5.49mNm/A the motor is much more powerful than previously available solutions.

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Sterilisable brushless DC motor © 2014 maxon motor

New micro dc motors with fast delivery – in Australia

After the successful launch of the robotically manufactured DCX motor range, maxon motor now release new miniature DC motor additions with short lead times.

Even more motor gearhead and encoder combinations that can be customised online and dispatched to Australia in only 11 days. Miniature DC motors with high torque and efficiency via longer rare earth magnet variants and additional gearhead selections. The gearheads can now be assembled with lower diameter motors for improved weight and space savings. The new size mini motors are 14mm, 16mm, 22mm and 26mm and they are also available in two lengths. Additionally four new gearhead sizes are available in 14mm, 19mm, 26mm and 37mm. The gearheads can be selected and combined with the motor at your preference using the maxon online motor configuration software. The 16mm and 32mm planetary gearheads now have the option of ceramic planet pins for increased lifespan and also a new low noise option. Available for combination with the motor is a range of encoders and the news here is the release of a new absolute encoder that allows you to configure the cable and signal output to suit the control requirements. All the new products can be selected as part of the custom motor design, they are available from November and the full assembly can be shipped in 11 days.

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micro DC motors

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Micro DC motors – now on a distant comet!

European Space Agency probe Rosetta navigates to the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Comet with maxon DC motors onboard.

What is essentially a small laboratory, has remarkably been deployed onto a distant comet. This amazing feat is assisted by two small DC servomotors manufactured by maxon motor. The lander’s name is Philae and it contains ten scientific instruments which could help find clues to the origins of all life. This is the first time in history that information will be gathered from the surface of a comet and it has been achieved by landing a 100kg set of instruments, on a 4km long rock, after ten years travel in space! The Swiss company maxon motor provided two 13mm diameter DC motors for the mission and they will be used to lower an alpha x-ray spectrometer to the ground. The spectrometer will then be used to analyze the comets elemental composition. The task for the small DC motors sounds fundamentally easy, however we need to bear in mind that apart from withstanding the rigors of takeoff and landing the motors have had to survive for over ten years in vacuum conditions. This is also a first, micro DC motors have not been exposed to vacuum for this period of time ever before. Despite this the two motors have come to life and passed their first motion test.

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The Philae lander (above)


Comet 67P compared with Paris (above)




New magazine all about DC motors and their use.

The latest edition of maxon motors magazine is out now and full of new applications and innovations.

DC motors in medical applications are heavily featured in this edition of the magazine. In particular the daVinci surgical robot, cardiac applications and wireless tattoo guns. We see insights from leading surgeons using motor driven tools and the use of pumps in cardiac applications. Dr Anthony Mayr takes us through the intricacies of design engineering for theatre environments. The topic of energy efficiency for small DC motor applications is researched and it is revealed why the physics can influence this just as heavily as the DC motor control electronics.

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High speed brushless DC motor – first of its kind

The first electronically commutated 19mm brushless maxon DC motor with a sterilisable high speed planetary gearhead delivered in Australia.

You might say it is just the start of things to come; A brushless DC motor delivering 120W of power from only 19mm diameter and achieving speeds of up to 100,000rpm. To top it off – sterilisable 1000 times. The particular unit shown here has an intended use in a medical application that requires (when fitted with a threaded linear transducer) large amounts of force with a low motor and gearhead weight. However the motor comes in both sterilisable and non-sterilisable forms. It can also be manufactured with or without hall sensors depending on the type of brushless motor controller being used. Whilst high speeds are perfectly suitable for dental tools and surgical hand tools, pumps and actuators for example need a lower speed and higher torque. Of the high speed motors available in the past a major limitation has been the ability to convert this into usable speed and torque for this type of application. Even the high spec ceramic planetary gearheads that have become available recently, typically only withstand input speeds up to 8000rpm and on rare occasions 12,000rpm. But now we see a true leap forward with the GP19M, achieving continuous input speeds of up to 40,000rpm, opening up many new application possibilities.

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Small DC servo gearmotor for irrigation application

The DCX servo gearmotor – iconic exterior, custom interior.

For irrigation and agriculture applications DC motors require specific features to achieve long lasting results. Efficiency is key. Solar applications in remote locations cannot afford any compromise on efficiency. The self-supporting, rhombic, ironless winding of the DCX motor is at the core of the motors capability. They achieve power density levels that are simply not possible with traditional laminated stack iron cored motors. It is also worth considering that the efficiency of many DC motors is based on peak levels and the ability of the motor to operate with reasonable current consumption across the range is something that must be evaluated at the design phase. The DC servo gearmotor pictured here has a standard  -40 to +85 degree operating range and the planetary gearhead itself has been specifically modified with a custom spec Petamo lubrication and 50% increased fill levels to operate at high ambient temps for long periods. The external surface finish is clearly a more suitable option over zinc passivated surfaces which have a tendency to oxidise even in mild operating environments. Scaled gearing of the GPX gearheads allows for quiet operation and all steel construction. It is possible now to custom specify almost any feature of the motor and gearbox combinations and still have them shipped out to you in 11 days.

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