maxon motor Project Manager Robin Phillips on the future of space travel.

In the latest edition of the DC motor magazine from maxon motor “driven”, Robin Phillips gives valued insights on three hot topics. Robin, who studied mathematics and astrophysics is the aerospace project manager at maxon motor.

The first subject matter covered is the German Aerospace Centre plans to fly from Europe the Australia in 90 minutes by 2030. – Robin does not think this will become a reality in this time frame.

Second is the topic of manned mission to Mars. – Read why Mars is not far away and why this is more likely than hypersonic passenger travel in the short-term.

Third is the possibility of colonies on other planets. – Discover why maxon DC motors are at the forefront of technology helping to make this a future reality.

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Brushless DC motors in Nanosatellites.

CubeSat mission uses maxon brushless DC motors for satellite positioning.

In the latest issue of the free tablet magazine “driven” which focuses on DC motors in aerospace and aviation, the joint development of a satellite tri-axial inclination control system is featured. This is a form of torque positioning achieved by the motorisation of a reaction wheel. Many DC motors are required in each satellite to achieve stabilisation in the three axes.  The CEO of Clyde Aerospace Craig Clark explains why maxon brushless DC motors were used. For detailed application images and video download the tablet magazine from Google Play or the App Store.

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DC motors and textiles.

Where do DC motors and fabrics come together? – Aviation. Dr Urs Rickenbacker explains in the new maxon motor online magazine.

60% of all aircraft fabrics are produced by Swiss company Lantal. They have produced a ground breaking  product for aircraft seats using maxon DC motors to control pneumatic cushions. Dr Rickenbacker of Lantal explains where the ideas come from, the advantages of the technology and the companies direction in research for the future.

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Where are DC motors used in modern aircraft?

Autopilot, control adjustment, seating systems, safety systems, satellite communications, sun shades, displays, environmental control systems and ….the toilets.

See pictures and specifications in the new magazine edition of “driven” in the App and Android stores.

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200W DC motor drives Shell electric vehicle

The Energy & Power Group at the University of Oxford select maxon DC motor for the Shell Eco-marathon and win the Technical Innovation Award. Read the full article and see the part specifications for the motor and control unit in the maxon motor magazine driven.

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Ironless DC motors assist with aircraft efficiency.

Travelling from Frankfurt to Rio to watch the 2013 world cup is an Airbus A380 loaded with 600 passengers, that uses approximately 172,584 litres of fuel. (288 litres per person) however driven the same distance in a 4 person car can be as low as 431 litres (100 litres per person) Aerospace engineers therefore need to look for any possible efficiency gains. maxon core less high-efficiency DC motors offer lighter weight solutions over traditional DC motor motors helping engineers achieve their goals.

More on this topic in the new magazine “Driven” free from Google and Apple online stores.

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