DC motor manufacturer ready for take-off

maxon DC motors now come ready for aerospace applications with the company now certified for EN 9100 quality standards.

The 9100 quality standard is specifically developed for companies that manufacture products for aerospace. maxon DC motors can now be produced with the project planning and processing required by the aerospace application standard. maxon DC motors are famous for their use on Mars and in the general aviation industry. Read more in the free motor magazine “Driven”

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DC motor manufacturer ready for take-off…

DC gearmotors can save you life.

New York computer specialist Curtis Grimsley escapes the World trade center with the use of DC motor powered prostheses – The C-leg. The story of his escape, a touch on the origins of the prostheses, how arm muscles can coordinate them and much more can be discovered in the new tablet magazine “driven” available from the Google Play Store and the App store.

DC motors implanted in your body.

An Endoprosthesis is an implant within the human body. For example; a pacemaker or hearing implant. maxon DC motors are used commonly in many medical pumping applications however the latest pump motor application for the medical motor supplier sees their motors implanted inside the body. The tiny pump moves excess fluid build up from the abdomen into the bladder. Read the fascinating story of the alfapump in the latest edition of “driven” the maxon motor tablet magazine.

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maxon medical motor director on medical robots of the future.

Christian Holzgang of maxon medical who produce small DC motors for medical applications, is at the leading edge of medical motor design and innovation. He shares insights into the use of DC motors in the medical applications of the future. Submarines for the blood stream and microrobots performing medical procedures inside the body while we go about our daily business. Theories on the future of DC motors and medicine here: http://www.maxonmotor.com.au/maxon/view/news/MEDIARELEASE-Brushless-DC-motors-strong-replacements-in-Medical-Technology

DC motor magazine competition

Read maxons free tablet magazine for a chance to win a remote-controlled helicopter. Also on offer are DCX (maxon motors latest Rare Earth Permanent Magnet DC motor) cycling jerseys. All that is required is that you read Dr Urs Kafaders article on multi axis motor control and then you will be able to easily answer the competition questions.